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I create 2D animation, illustration, graphic design, motion design, corporate and marketing portraits, and instructional design. On this page is some of my animation and illustration work for TV, film, projections, eLearning, marketing and personal projects. Clients include Amazon Studios, Netflix, Warner Bros., LA LGBT Center, Johns Hopkins University, and NASA.

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Rotoscope Animation
Projection Design
Projection Design
Instructional Design
Poe: The Raven-Winged Hours
Das Lied Von Der Bagel
Water Music
Dog Loops

Some of my looping animated dog portraits

Undone TV season 1

I was a Senior Character Animator on Season 1 of the Amazon Studios TV series

A Scanner Darkly

I was an Assistant Lead Animator on the movie. I did all the heads in this reel as well as some of the bodies and backgrounds.

Nicolas Cage

These looping animations are from a personal project, inspired by his ecstatic performances

Cartoons and
Character Design

I like to zoom... I always have

Documentary Animation

Some of my work on the documentary

Apollo 10 1/2

Some of my work as First Senior Character Animator on the movie

Still frames from projects I did art and animation for

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