Guru Bagel

A short film

She yearned for something beyond the carnival of life, but found something more than she’d bargained for.  Mixing black comedy and pathos with hallucinatory imagery, this strange journey probes into some of the deepest questions of our time: does Truth come from inner space or outer space? Does the Universe change when I change? If you could achieve your full potential, then what?

We are always watching, and being watched by, others. Trapped in this kind of world, we find ourselves defined by the judgements of ourselves and others.

This riff on superpowers, insatiable hunger, and a worm hole to the Andromeda Galaxy will take you on a trip through time to the ultimate destiny of the Universe, and beyond.

Shot on green screen in my Brooklyn apartment, with environments recorded on the streets of New York, the video whimsically combines visuals and sounds into a surrealistic world, as suggested by my intuitions along the way. Absurd comedies, exploratory directors and psychedelic animations are some of the influences on my work.