The Raven-Winged Hours Podcast

Notes from the writer, director, lyricist, sound designer and projection designer Blue Bliss:

This podcast has its origin in a play I wrote, based on the life and writings of Edgar Allan Poe. I commissioned the award-winning composer Lawrence Rush to create the haunting original art songs for the play, with lyrics by me and Edgar Poe. In a tour-de-force one-man performance, Lawrence also portrays all the characters in this podcast show, and sings the role of Poe.

All the poetry you will hear is exquisitely performed by Louis Biggie, with soundscapes I designed.

Broadway's Amy Justman and Metropolitan Opera's Stephen Gaertner lend their gorgeous singing voices to some of the songs. Piano is played by Matt Castle, flute by Karen Bogardus, and cello by Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf.

I'd also like to thank the following:

Director Jason Jacobs for his invaluable dramaturgy in the development and first public reading of the play.

The many generous and talented sound artists at, where I found sound fx licensed under the Creative Commons 0 license.

In this video you can see and hear excerpts from the songs, and also some of the art I created for projections in the play.

An interview with Lawrence Rush, composer and voice artist for the Raven-Winged Hours podcast. Lawrence discusses some of his choices for the music of the title song in Episode 10, as well as his background in music and theater.

You can buy any or all of the poems and songs from "The Raven-Winged Hours"

An interview with Matt Castle and Karen Bogardus, both active in the classical and theater arts in NYC. They discuss their experiences as successful musicians, what advice they have for young artists, and what inspires them about living and working in New York.