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Hello Artebop

I saw your post on the Dots site, where you were looking for artists to show you some fine art prints that might fit with your quirky vintage style.

I see that your samples are more graphic than what I'm showing you... but I picked some images that are quirky and vintage, in a somewhat different style. Maybe something here will align with your vision. 

The last several images in this gallery are some of my rug and custom door designs, because I see that you do feature rugs and other interior decor. I can also design themed sets of items such as wall art/rugs/doors/pillows etc, in any style and any theme.

I love creative collabs so if any of my images sparks your inspiration, we might be able to work together on designing some custom items.

Also, I can create custom mood boards and room mockups, in case you ever need some of that.

If you're interested, please contact me:

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