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POE: The Raven-Winged Hours

A macabre multimedia fever-dream envisioning the surreal final hours
of Edgar Allan Poe

“The Raven-Winged Hours” explores tormented

and blissful hallucinations of the dying poet

as he careens between despair and ecstasy.

Accompanied by Gothic melodrama, music, poetry,

and demons of his own creation,

Poe travels to the ends of the Earth

seeking eternal beauty beyond the grave.

A sampling of songs and poetry from the play

00:00 / 02:01
O Human Love
00:00 / 03:48
I Will Fly
00:00 / 04:01
Awakening On Al Aaraaf
00:00 / 05:56
The Conqueror Worm
00:00 / 03:41
Hypnotic Induction
00:00 / 03:13

The Raven-Winged Hours Podcast

In collaboration with composer, actor and tenor Lawrence Rush, who wrote the music and performed all the characters. Poe's poetry was performed by Louis Biggie.

Episode 1: A Dream Within A Dream

Edgar Poe lies dying in a hospital of horrors. In his delirium, the sounds of the hospital merge with his dreams of a doctor and nurse as gods who may yet save his life. This episode includes Poe’s poem “A Dream Within a Dream.”

1A Dream Within A Dream
00:00 / 21:56
PodPlayer thumb.jpg

Episode 2: She Looked Into Infinity

Poe encounters the Moon goddess in the form of his own literary creation, Ligeia. While mourning at his wife's grave, he’s attacked by a deranged fan. This episode includes Poe’s poems “The Lake” and “The Sleeper.”

2She Looked Into Infinity
00:00 / 22:00
Episode art 12.jpg

Episode 3: Beneath The Cold Moon

Ligeia and Poe conduct a ceremony of Magick and begin a journey to the ends of the Earth. Dream-land melds with the nightmare of his hospital room. This episode includes Poe’s poem “The Haunted Palace.”

3Beneath The Cold Moon
00:00 / 23:40
Poe nShe.jpg

Episode 4: Deliriously Sweet, Teardrops Fall

In the hospital, a sudden turn of events bleeds into Poe’s secret journey. The Imp of the Perverse takes command, compelling Poe to confess a guilty secret. This episode includes Poe’s poems “To Helen” and “To One in Paradise.”

EPISODE 04Deliriously Sweet, Teardrops Fall
00:00 / 19:07
Episode art 10.jpg

Episode 5: The Pain

A midnight visitor comes tapping at Poe’s chamber door. Poe relives the tragic death of Virginia. He reveals the vow they made on her deathbed, which has tormented him ever since. This episode includes Poe’s poem “A Dream.”

5The Pain
00:00 / 21:11
Episode art 11.jpg

Episode 6: The Ray Of Sunken Suns

The Imp of the Perverse mocks Poe’s dream of an afterlife. Poe becomes lost inside a nightmare, where he encounters another monster from his writings. This episode includes Poe’s poem “Dream-Land.”

6The Ray Of Sunken Suns
00:00 / 24:26
Episode art 04.jpg

Episode 7: A Dreamer in the Moonbeam

In the library of an old decaying mansion, Poe wakes into a nightmare of Virginia's ghost. In the hospital, his Nurse tries to rescue him from the Doctor’s evil plans. This episode includes Poe’s poem “The Valley of Unrest.”

7A Dreamer In The Moonbeam
00:00 / 19:37
Episode art 05.jpg

Episode 8: Truth Is A Lie

Poe and Ligeia reach the Antarctic Pole. The Nurse confronts an intruder in Poe’s hospital room. The Doctor reveals his true intentions. This episode includes Poe’s poem “Alone.”

8Truth Is A Lie
00:00 / 22:06
Episode art 15.jpg

Episode 9: In The Deep Sky

Inside the ice cave, Poe finds secret things. But more experiences await him beyond Death. This episode includes Poe’s poems “The Conqueror Worm” excerpts, “The City in the Sea” and “Spirits of the Dead.”

9In The Deep Sky
00:00 / 34:58
Raven Moon

Episode 10: The Raven-Winged Hours

Virginia’s ghost helps Poe's lost soul to recall their life together. He remembers the mystery and terror of dying. A new Eternity has begun.

10The Raven-Winged Hours
00:00 / 24:04

Projection art from the stage version

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