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Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits FAQ

How do I commission a pet portrait?

Using the order form, choose a print size and a background color. Upload your best photo(s) and pay via PayPal. There’s no extra charge for printing and shipping.

What can I customize?


You can customize the art style, the background, the color scheme, and add more pets and/or people to the portrait. There are really no limits!


Does that cost extra?


Yes, contact me at if you’re interested in getting a customized design. I’ll get back to you shortly and we can discuss what you want. Then I’ll send you a price quote with everything in writing.


I don’t have any good photos, what can we do?


There may be a way I can use your photo(s), such as making the artwork in a looser style, less detailed. This can inspire a great-looking piece! If you have some good photos but don’t know which to send, feel free to upload several and I’ll choose any I can work with. I can also give you advice about shooting some new photos if you want.


What if I don’t like the artwork?


You’ll get two opportunities to review and accept the artwork:

1. After I receive your photos and payment, I’ll create a rough sketch of the portrait showing the colors and composition. At this point you can give me feedback and request a free revision.

2. After you approve the sketch or revision, I’ll create the finished portrait and send you a watermarked image for your final review.


You can request more revisions, for an additional charge.


After you approve the final version, I’ll send it to the printer.


How long does it all take?


It usually takes me 1-2 weeks to complete a portrait, and then printing and shipping usually take about another week.

Can I get a framed or canvas print?


Yes, you have many more options for print size, mattes and frames, printing on canvas and printing on many other items including mugs, t-shirts, pillows, tapestries, wallpaper… so many options! Just email me and let me know what you’re looking for.


Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, you can contact me about that.

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Terms & Conditions

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Pet Portraits Terms

Terms & Conditions:

Artworks serve as the Artist's interpretation of photos, aiming to capture the essence rather than creating exact replicas of the original photo(s). You will have an opportunity to provide feedback at two stages: 1. an initial sketch demonstrating colors and composition, and 2. a finished rendering. You are entitled to request one revision for the design sketch and one for the completed rendering. Additional revisions are possible for an extra fee. Not responding to the two opportunities for input will be considered an acknowledgment and acceptance of the artwork. Upon acceptance of the final artwork, you grant Blue Bliss exclusive rights to reproduce the artwork in any future marketing projects.


If you receive a damaged print, please contact me at: with photos of the damage and I'll sort it out with the printer.


All commissioned portraits may be showcased on the Artist's website and social media platforms. Blue Bliss retains the copyright for all commissioned artwork and all content on this website, including images and text. Commencement of artwork is contingent upon the completion of payment, submission of acceptable photos, and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. When you submit a photo, you are authorizing the Artist to freely render the image(s) and the associated subject matter. All reference images utilized must be clear of copyrights, unless they are accompanied by a duly signed release form from the copyright holder. The Customer acknowledges and agrees to bear responsibility for any legal repercussions arising from the use of copyrighted material. Blue Bliss reserves the prerogative to cancel an order, with a 100% refund to the Customer.

Every commissioned artwork is intended exclusively for personal use and may not be utilized for financial gain without a pre-existing License Agreement with the Artist. Upon placing an order, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.

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