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Custom themed portal design

House of Portals

Custom themed doors

Create a signature storybook experience in your home, office, hospitality or wellness space. Each door is a unique work of art, designed in collaboration with the client, expressing your unique personality. Each bespoke door is designed and crafted by experienced artist and artisans.

Portals with personality

Unleash your wildest fantasies.

Live like royalty in the midst of a Baroque palace, or become one with the Cosmos as you ponder your own Astrological birth chart. Decorate your home theater room with a movie poster or character. Play chess with friends on a magnetic game board. Try out musical ideas with a unique stringed instrument. See your future when you spin the Wheel of Fortune. Create a memorial for a lost love or pet. Explore strange new worlds in your own personal space ship. Perform magical rites or meditate.

How it works:

Blend with your existing décor, or don’t! It’s about expressing your personality, telling your story.

Start with a style: Gothic, Bohemian, Primitive, Techno, Floral, Literary, Musical, Rustic, Tropical, Industrial.

Or start with a genre: The Circus, the Theatre, Manga, Games, Maps, the City, Nature, Dungeons, Dragons

Or start with your own story: your travels, the people places and things you love, your hobbies, favorite foods.

Portals to the past
or future

Here are a few concept designs for custom themed personal  Experience Chambers. Imagine an interior space including audio and video walls, real art objects, props and animatronics, created just for you, according to your desires and any theme.

Explore an immersive realm where the boundaries of your dreams blur with reality. A multi-sensory marvel that envelops you, as if you transported into the artwork. Find yourself in a world of enchantment that is truly your own.

I'll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind themed chamber, guest house or tiny house as a space for meditation, creativity, wellness, work and play.

I am creating a growing collection of pre-designed themes that can be ordered a la carte or customized.
Gallery of door designs
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