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Fine art BG 10.jpg
Fine art giclee print with white rose on a sea foam background

Art Prints

The brushstrokes on the page and the space between


I am creating a large selection of fine art prints, digital paintings evolved from my photos. They’ve sorted themselves into two main groups: New York Noir and Nature.


While living in NYC I loved to wander the streets, looking for mysterious and liminal scenes to shoot, especially the glamour of stormy days and foggy nights. Now I live in Oregon and I still seek the mysterious and liminal, in Nature.


There are patterns of light, shadow, atmosphere and reflections that seem to beckon my spirit to come closer, to enter as portals to the Beyond. Sometimes the feeling is like a meditation, sometimes like a deep dive into Mystery; it’s a feeling of entrancement. That’s the experience I try to capture in photos, then to evolve into my artworks.


When I work with my photos, I start exploring whatever inspired me to take the shot. I distill and enhance the essence of that through many layers of digital painting and experimenting. I work to get closer to that feeling of Rightness, but often an experiment will take the image somewhere unexpected. That surprise might then spin off into a new image or series. In the end, some of the images remain close to their source while others become abstractions that still embody the seed of their origins.


May these dreamlike images be your own portals to an entrancing experience.

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