Poe: The Raven-Winged Hours

Consumed by grief and despair after the death of his wife Virginia, Edgar Allan Poe is confronted by supernatural powers and the creations of his own psyche. Accompanied by the self-serving and beautiful Ligeia and the not-so-helpful Imp of the Perverse, he sets out on a surreal journey to reunite with Virginia beyond the grave.

Along the way, he encounters mysterious scenes from his stories and poems. Seduced by his muse, tortured by his own perversity, and drawn towards the Beyond, Poe plunges ever deeper into a maelstrom of dreams and memories.

Finally, he learns that his works have won immortality. But his own soul’s fate hangs in the balance, as he passes through the Gates of Death and into the eerie regions of the Afterlife.

“The Raven-Winged Hours” is a macabre multimedia fever dream of a play, envisioning the surreal final hours of Edgar Allan Poe as he might have imagined them. Using music, dance, poetry, drama, soundscapes and projections, “The Raven-Winged Hours” takes us through the harrowing and blissful hallucinations of the dying poet as he careens from despair to ecstasy, searching for what lies beyond the grave.

Some songs and poetry from the play: